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Sally Signing at Type Launch WEB

Sally Cooper is the author of two novels, Love Object (Dundurn, 2002) and Tell Everything (Dundurn, 2008). Her third novel, The Line, is forthcoming with Wolsak & Wynn in Fall 2018.

Praise for Tell Everything:

Tell Everything by Sally Cooper

 “Cooper slowly peels back layers in search of the real lives and motivations behind the media maelstrom of a sensational trial. In a world that prefers clear answers, this is a bold attempt to show how roles can be blurred. [Cooper] uses the complicated relationship between Ramona and Pauline to show how the predator might also be a victim, or how the victim might play a part in her capture. By exploring these grey areas while holding a firm moral line on what constitutes abuse, Cooper has achieved an impressive and delicate balance.” Claire Cameron, The Globe and Mail


“Tell Everything is a tremendous accomplishment from a writer with a gift for complex character development, agonizing suspense and the occasional lyrical gem of a sentence.”  Zoe Whittall, Now Magazine (Now Rating: NNNN):


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  1. Congratulations,, Sally

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  2. Cecilia says:

    Nice website!

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