Tell Everything

Tell Everything by Sally Cooper

Discover what happens to a woman when she must testify against her former friend at a sensational murder trial.

The day Pauline sees Ramona’s mug shot in the paper, she knows she’s going to be called upon to relive a complicated period of her life. Charged with murdering her husband, James, Ramona is also suspected of sexual assault. And when the police discover a stash of scripts with Pauline’s name on them, Pauline becomes a key witness in the trial.

Tell Everything follows Pauline as she prepares for her testimony and in the process reawakens memories that she has buried since she was a teenager. But the most difficult challenge she faces is keeping her relationship with Alex intact as he learns for the first time what secrets lurk in her past. Sally Cooper’s second novel, Tell Everything, is a gripping, vividly imagined work from a gifted author who shines a light on the darkest regions of the human soul.


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