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Tell Everything by Sally Cooper

My mother told me a story once about a foolish princess. We were hiking up the path to Banana Rock. Sunlight slanted through the branches. She made up the story, and I held her hand and matched my steps to hers. The princess was vain and not very pretty. When an old baron asked to marry her, her mother celebrated. The baron called the princess beautiful. She believed him and fell in love. The night before the wedding, the baron invited her to his house. Her mother insisted she wear a veil until she’d sealed the union. But the princess wanted her fiancé to admire her. When the princess walked into a hall of mirrors inside the castle, she threw off the veil and found herself in a dungeon packed with demon brides. A sorcerer turned her into a toothless old woman with a smelly, aching body. Because the princess was vain, the sorcerer made her sit in the hall of mirrors, where her ugly image stretched out in every direction. She warned each of the baron’s new brides-to-be not to look at herself, but none would listen. Even her mother said she’d be better off dead. “It’s not my fault,” cried my mother in the foolish princess’s voice. Her own voice rang with a smug glee that meant she thought it really was.


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Praise for Love Object

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“[Cooper’s] skill is evident in her first novel, beginning with its title, Love Object, the opening key to the story’s final cathartic punch.”–The Globe and Mail

“Love Object is a powerful debut for Sally Cooper. She clearly is a fearless writer, not afraid to make us squirm as she lays out stark details that expose and enrich her characters. Her possession of Mercy and Nicky and Sylvia is total, and she forces us to accept them completely as the flawed people they are.”

“…[Cooper’s] passionate commitment to her characters drives the novel and the reader relentlessly forward. We have to know how it turns out. Like Cooper’s characters, Love Object is compelling in spite of its flaws, and it marks Cooper as a young writer to watch.” — The Ottawa Citizen

“Cooper possesses an extraordinary eye for detail, describing objects and settings with precise and often beautiful language. In a series of deft strokes, she reveals her characters’ internal lives with sensitivity and imagination, inducing empathy in the reader. Under Cooper’s skillful guidance, Mercy’s longing for her mother, and ultimate rejection of her, seem believable and necessary.”— Quill & Quire

“Cooper realizes that growing up in the country is just too absurd to take absolutely seriously and this results in some deliciously surreal moments and characters.”–Amazon.ca


Love Object


What happens when the person who loves you most can’t take care of herself? Sally Cooper asks that question in her first novel, Love Object, the story of a family’s implosion in the aftermath of the mental collapse of the mother at its centre. When Mercy Brewer is 12 and her brother, Nicky, 11, their mother is hospitalized and their bawdy grandmother steps in to take care of them and their father. Love Object is the story of how two teenagers make sense of the loss of their mother while coming to terms with their own emergent sexuality and the secret violence at their family’s core.

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Love Object by Sally Cooper

Tell Everything

Tell Everything by Sally Cooper

Discover what happens to a woman when she must testify against her former friend at a sensational murder trial.

The day Pauline sees Ramona’s mug shot in the paper, she knows she’s going to be called upon to relive a complicated period of her life. Charged with murdering her husband, James, Ramona is also suspected of sexual assault. And when the police discover a stash of scripts with Pauline’s name on them, Pauline becomes a key witness in the trial.

Tell Everything follows Pauline as she prepares for her testimony and in the process reawakens memories that she has buried since she was a teenager. But the most difficult challenge she faces is keeping her relationship with Alex intact as he learns for the first time what secrets lurk in her past. Sally Cooper’s second novel, Tell Everything, is a gripping, vividly imagined work from a gifted author who shines a light on the darkest regions of the human soul.


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