Smells Like Heaven Mixtape

Who doesn’t love a good book playlist? The stories inย Smells Like Heaven span thirty years. Some of these songs appear in the book; others, well, you’ll see. Slip this cassette into the deck and enjoy the ride. I know I did. Grateful Dead’s “Ripple” has to come first. I originally called the book Ripple and … More Smells Like Heaven Mixtape

The Cover

Doesn’t it make you want to pick up this book and see what’s inside? Melt. The image is by Manitoba artist Melanie Rocan. I’m happy ย the folks at ARP Booksย chose such a lovely, inviting design.  

Smells Like Heaven

It’s official! Smells Like Heaven, my third book,ย is coming out with ARP Books in June. Here’s a peek at the publisher’s description: Set in the fictional town of Fletcher, the connected stories in Smells Like Heaven span thirty years. Fletcher is a town the characters strive to escape, but keep returning to, as they stumble … More Smells Like Heaven